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Infrared Stove e-SENSE

  • 2000 W, Strong Firepower
  • Overheat Protection System
  • 4 Digit Display
  • 4 Hours Timer
  • Copper Coil with TOUCH SCREEN Operation

Similar to a microwave, infrared cooking works by heating the air around food at a very high temperature. That helps to cook it quickly and evenly.

You’ll find infrared cooktops have a higher energy efficiency than solid electric coils by as much as 3 times more efficiency. The benefit of infrared cookers over induction cookers: any type of pots and pans can be used. With induction cooktops, you need special cookware.

Infrared heat is:

  • Faster to cook the majority of food- 3 x faster than traditional methods
  • Doesn’t generate heat and keeps your kitchen cooler
  • Cooks your food very evenly, not hot or cold spots
  • Retains a higher moisture content in food
  • Cookers are highly portable

Infrared Cooking and Induction Cooking are both great methods of cooking. Infrared however offers more benefits as your food is cooked faster without charring your food with ash or smoke. Infrared cookers are also great for the environment – helping us use less fossil fuel to produce heat.

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